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29 April 2019
  09:00-10:00Outbreak annoucement "Inter. New Summary Prelim.investigation"
  By. SAT
  10:15-14:30Presentation "Research proposal" Improving influenza howcasting of tradifional surveillance using google trend and network approches in Thailand, 2018
  By. Suphanat Wongsanuphat
  10:15-14:30Presentation "Research proposal" Hypertension among factory workers
  By. Charuttaporn Jitpeera
30 April 2019
  09:00-12:00Presentation "Research proposal" Health outcome and cost of treatment in transferring out hypertension paticnt from saraburi hospital to saraburi primary health care unit
  By. Panupong Tantirat
  09:00-12:00Presentation "Research proposal" Congenital rubella syndrome in Thailand,2016-2018
  By. Punyawee Buehoong
  09:00-12:00Presentation "Research proposal" Enhancing hypertension diagnosis based on hospital information system
  By. Ravinan Soma
  13:00-16:00Research "Research proposal" Cost utility analysis of a nationwide vaccination program against rabies
  By. Pitikhun Setapura
  13:00-16:00Research "Research proposal" Program evaluation of tuberculosis laboratory services in health region 9
  By. Nuttakoon Chaisongkram