Field Epidemiology Training Program(FETP)
Classroom activity :    
FETP Meeting Room,6th, 4th Building, the Office of the
Permanent Secretary, Tel 0-2590-1734-5 Fax: 0-2591-8581

11 February 2020
   09:00-10:00Outbreak annoucement "Inter. New Summary by moderator Prelim.investigation Progress of important event"
 By.  แซด
   10:30-16:00Presentation "Health situation proposal"
 By.  พีริยะ วตะกูลสิน
By.  Pitiphon Promduangsi
1st Year - Thai Trainee
By.  Paninee Panyakarn
1st Year - Thai Trainee

12 February 2020
   09:00-16:00Presentation "Health situation proposal"
 By.  พัชรพร เดชบุรัมย์
By.  Ratchadaporn Papwijitsil
1st Year - Thai Trainee
By.  Chanatip Chailek
1st Year - Thai Trainee
By.  Farooq Phiriyasart
1st Year - Thai Trainee

17 February 2020 - 19 February 2020
   09:00-16:30- GIS Workshop : 17-19 Feb 2020